About DoIT

The new Department of Information Technology (DoIT), created by legislation signed on April 8, 2008, has policy responsibility for information technology matters across state agencies. The bill also consolidates state agency information technology functions into one department and elevates the department to a level that reports directly to the governor.

DoIT will coordinate, purchase and manage all telecommunications devices and systems utilized by state agencies. The secretary of information technology, Isabel Fitzgerald will lead chief information officers of all agencies to streamline business processes across state government, achieve cost-savings through economies of scale, and coordinate initiatives related to security, disaster recovery and continuity of operations.

DoIT strives to provide the highest level of customer service to its internal and external customers.  DoIT supports Maryland’s Executive Branch agencies and commissions through its leadership as a principal procurement unit and in establishing the State’s strategic direction for information technology (IT) and telecommunications, establishing a long range target technology architecture, encouraging cross agency collaboration for the mutual benefit of all, and advocating best practices for operations and project management.  Because of its unique position, DoIT is able to identify and promulgate opportunities for State agencies to become more efficient, reduce costs, maximize the State’s investment in IT and telecommunication assets, and better serve the citizens of Maryland. The FY 2015 Information Technology Master Plan provides details. 

In addition to its Statewide role, DoIT has responsibility for IT and telecommunication services and support for DoIT as well as the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and the Executive Office of the Governor (EOG).  This includes: infrastructure development, acquisition and maintenance; application development and maintenance; issue resolution through a central help desk; and user level systems training in support of the user community.

The Department of Information Technology, headed by the Secretary of Information Technology, also referred to as the State Chief of Information Technology (State CIT), consists of seven divisions.  Each division is headed by a director and consists of multiple units located in either the Baltimore or Annapolis offices of DoIT.