All Master Contracts - Alphabetical

060B9800014 Assistive Telecommunications Equipment (ATE) and Associated Peripherals
060B1400040 Call/Contact Center Services 2010
060B1400067 Cable and Wiring Materials and Services - Outside Plant
Conferencing Services
060B9800029 Consulting and Technical Services (CATS I)
060B9800035 Consulting and Technical Services II (CATS II)
060B2490023 Consulting and Technical Services + (CATS +)
​060B2490021 Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software (COTS 2012)​
060B2490022 Hardware 2012 Master Contract 
060B9800045 High Capacity Circuit Services
​060B4400002 Independent Assessment Services NEW!
060B9800041 Local Telecommunications Services
060B1400058 Long Distance Services 2011
060B2490024 Microsoft Select (MS) Plus and Enterprise Software Licenses - Software House International
060B0400006 Microwave and Ancillary Equipment and Services Master Contract 2010
060B3490004 Mobile Devices and Services
060B9800042 Paging Services and Equipment
060B1400048 PBX III Telecommunications Equipment and Services 
060B1400050 Self-Funded eGovernment Services
060B0400002 Software Enterprise License Agreements (ELA): Novell
060B1400001 Software Enterprise License Agreements (ELA): Information Builders
060B1400062 Telecommunications Billing Audit Services
060B1400046 Toll Free Services
060B3490002 Two Way Radio 2013 (Mobile Radio, Comm. Consoles and Associated Equipment; Installation, Repair Preventive Maintenance Services