All Master Contracts - Alphabetical

060B4400010 Assistive Telecommunications Equipment (ATE) and Associated Peripherals
060B1400040 Call/Contact Center Services 2010
060B1400067 Cable and Wiring Materials and Services - Outside Plant
Conferencing Services - Audio
Conferencing Services - Web
Conferencing Services - Video
060B9800035 Consulting and Technical Services II (CATS II)
060B2490023 Consulting and Technical Services + (CATS +)
​060B2490021 Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software (COTS 2012)​
​F50B4400028 ​Data Telecommunications
060B2490022 Hardware 2012 Master Contract 
060B9800045 High Capacity Circuit Services
​060B4400002 Independent Assessment Services
​F50B4400105 IT Support Management (ITSM) Software as a Service (SaaS)
060B3490013 Local Telecommunications Services 2014
060B1400058 Long Distance Services 2011
060B2490024 Microsoft Select (MS) Plus and Enterprise Software Licenses - Software House International
060B0400006 Microwave and Ancillary Equipment and Services Master Contract 2010
060B3490004 Mobile Devices and Services
060B1400048 PBX III Telecommunications Equipment and Services 
060B1400050 Self-Funded eGovernment Services
​060B5400001 Smartsheet Enterprise Software Licenses - Winvale Group, LLC
060B0400002 Software Enterprise License Agreements (ELA): Novell
060B1400001 Software Enterprise License Agreements (ELA): Information Builders
060B1400062 Telecommunications Billing Audit Services
060B1400046 Toll Free Services
060B3490002 Two Way Radio 2013 (Mobile Radio, Comm. Consoles and Associated Equipment; Installation, Repair Preventive Maintenance Services