Contract Library

This section contains a repository for information associated with contracts awarded by the Department of Budget and Management through June 30, 2008, and includes the documents associated with the conduct of the procurement, copies of executed contracts, and other related contract materials. Effective July 1, 2008, the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is responsible for the management of these contracts.

Assistive Telecommunications Equipment and Associated Peripherals 2014

Cable and Wiring Materials and Services - Outside Plant


Call/Contact Center Services 2010

Central Collections Unit (CCU) Debt Collection Information System (DCIS) Software 

Cloud Messaging and Collaboration Services

Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software 2012 (COTS 2012)

Conferencing Services 

Consulting and Technical Services II (CATS II)

Consulting and Technical Services+ (CATS+)

Data Telecommunications

Enterprise Web Systems

Esri Enterprise License Agreement

Hardware and Associated Equipment and Services 2012

High Capacity Circuit Services (HCCS)

Human Resources Information System

Independent Assessment Services

IT Support Management (ITSM) Software as a Service (SaaS)

Learning Management System (LMS) 

Local Telecommunications Services 2014

Long Distance Calling Services 2011

MD Time Software Maintenance and Support

Microsoft Select (MS) Plus and Enterprise Software Licenses

Microwave and Ancillary Equipment and Services Master Contract 2010

Novell Software Reseller

PBX III Telecommunications Equipment and Services Master Contract

Self-Funded eGovernment Services

Statewide Personnel System SaaS HCM Solution

Statewide Public Safety Wireless Communication System

Telecommunications Billing Audit Services

Telecommunications Relay and Captioned Telephone Services

Toll Free Services

Two Way Radio 2013