Billing Options for Maryland Relay

QUESTION: I may not always be at home when I find it necessary to call a friend or associate. What are my billing options when I wish to make a relay call from outside of my home or office?

ANSWER: You may use the Relay in each of the instances listed below. Each one, however, is unique and will require you to access relay service in a slightly different way. Please review the categories below to determine which one most closely fits your individual situation.

Here is a list of long distance carriers available through Maryland Relay.

Collect Calls: When you want to request that the person or business you are calling accept the charges for the cost of the call, please follow these easy steps.

  • Identify that your call is a collect call
  • Give the telephone number you are calling
  • State your name

Calling Card Calls: You can charge a call to any credit card or telephone calling card that your carrier accepts.

Calls Billed to a Third Party: You can bill your call to a telephone number that is different from the one you are calling from or calling to. Someone must be available at the third number you are billing to confirm that they will accept the charges. To bill to a third party, please:

  • First, give or type the number you are calling
  • Give or type the telephone number you are charging the call to
  • State your name

Person-to-Person Calls: It is permissible to use Maryland Relay to place a person-to-person call. And, similar to regular person-to-person calling, if your party is not available, you will not be charged for the call. However, if your call is completed, please be aware that person-to-person calls are operator-assisted and will cost you more if you had been using coins to place a non-relay call. The procedure to call this way is as follows:

  • First, give or type the telephone number you are calling.
  • Tell the Operator (OPR) that you are making a person-to-person call
  • Give the name of the person you are calling
  • State your name

Calls from a Public Pay Phone: Long distance and local toll calls that are billed to another number or a valid calling card can be made from a public pay phone equipped with a built-in TTY. A local relay call from any payphone is placed at no cost to the customer. The charges for a long distance relay call from a payphone will not cost any more on a calling card than if you had been using coins to place a non-relay call.

  • Identify the type of call you are making to the OPR (collect, calling card, credit card, pre-paid card, third-party billing, person-to-person)
  • Give the telephone number you are calling

Billing Calls Made From Your Room in a Hotel or Motel: Yes, you can place a relay call from a hotel or roadside motel. Please be aware that nearly all of these facilities have their own dialing instructions and, therefore, we suggest that you consult the hotel or motel before placing your call. In addition, a hotel or motel may apply a surcharge to your relay call.