Using Your PC and Maryland Relay

QUESTION: Can I use my PC to communicate with other TTY users and relay?

ANSWER: A personal computer (PC) can be used as a TTY if it is equipped with a communications software program. A combination PC and telephone set up is excellent for Two-Line Voice Carry-Over (VCO).

In addition, you may need to set up your PC with specific settings to connect to the relay. Please be aware that, at times, the relay service may place your call on hold. You will have to set your modem so that it will not hang up the call while you are on hold. Due to the nature of relay calls, you should confirm that you do not have “Disconnect if Idle” checked in your modem settings.

Communications Mode: Asynchronous

Baude Rate:  300, 1200, 2400

Number of Data Bits:  8

Parity:  No

Number of Stop Bits:  1

X-ON X-OFF:  Not Required

Your computer should be set in half duplex for 300 Baud and full-duplex for 1200 and 2400 baud.  for smart type modems with a "AT" command set, the appropriate command is ATS10+255.

Many software packages can be set to automatically use these settings whenever you dial the relay service.  To utilize these settings consult your communications software manual.

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