Who Uses Maryland Relay? The Deaf

QUESTION: I'm a person who is deaf. How can I communicate with people who do not have a TTY?

ANSWER: As a deaf, late-deafened, or hard-of-hearing person who cannot hear on the telephone, you can use a TTY (teletypewriter) to place a relay call and easily communicate with anyone using a standard telephone.

Simply use the following steps:
  1. Dial the Maryland Relay, 1-800-735-2258 or 7-1-1.
  2. A Maryland Relay OPR will send this message: "MD RELAY OPR#(gender) NBR PLS Q GA."
  3. Type the area code and telephone number you are calling, along with any calling instructions or information. Then type "GA".
  4. All typed messages that are in parenthesis ( ) indicates that the OPR is communicating to you directly, relaying a sound that was heard or letting you know the person has hung up.
  5. If you want to make another relay call when you are done, stay on line and the OPR will be happy to make another call for you. Please keep in mind that when you call the relay an automated system answers your call. There is no OPR on the line until after the TTY user types in the number and the "GA". Once you type in the telephone number, the system will initiate the dialing process. So, if you type the number, your call will be already set up and handled more quickly by the OPR. It is also very helpful for the OPR to receive special instructions before dialing to the person you are calling. For example, if you know the prompts to a voice menu, type in the instructions after the telephone number before you type in "GA".

*Note: GA stands for Go Ahead, which means that it's the other TTY user's turn to type. SK stands for Stop Keying, which means that the TTY user is ready to say good bye.

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Who Uses Maryland Relay?