Accessibility Resources

On March 1, 2005, Maryland Information Technology Nonvisual Access (MD IT NVA) Regulatory Standards became effective (refer to COMAR The Department of Information Technology's Non Visual Accessibility web site provides assistance to non-exempt units of the Executive Branch in complying with the MD IT NVA regulatory standards, and establishes the general requirements and responsibilities for ensuring that information technologies are compliant with the regulatory requirements for nonvisual access.

WEB ACCESSIBILITY TIPS - a year-long series

With the intent to educate web designers and information architects, the Maryland Department of Disabilities Technology Assistance Program has created a series of beginner and advanced web accessibility tips. View the web tips archives.


Web Accessibility Training Day

Presented by: The National Federation of the Blind Center of Excellence and the Maryland Technology Assistance Program

When: November 4, 2015

Where: Event Information​​​​

Registration is now open!​​​​