Statewide Search Services

The Statewide Search standard provides citizens and visitors with a consistent tool to search Maryland State government websites and allows agencies to monitor search queries through a common analytics tool. This assures more comprehensive management and delivery of information and services. Implementation

Step 1. Overview

The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) provides state agencies the use of a search system powered by Google Search Engine technology. Adoption of the search standard provides the State's citizens and visitors efficient and consistent access to information.

Please notify DoIT of your intention to implement the search standards by contacting the A Web Systems staff member will contact you to walk through the implementation process. You may also request a .gov subdomain by contacting

Step 2. Search Code

Locate the following code in your web site based on the 2013 Maryland State Branding standards. Replace the "Statewide" text with your specific agency "collection name" as designated in the search collection list.


Step 3. Post Implementation Review

The following are recommended issues to consider after you have implemented the search system to your agency website.

  • Provide forum for user feedback relating to search results findings
  • Schedule times to evaluate search results to determine need for updates in the search system configuration
  • Document the design and coding updates made to your website
  • Monitor your search collection logs - click here to login to GSA Admin. (Send an email to to request an account to access the GSA Admin.)