Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

​IV&V is an independent assessment of a project by a third party assessor who has no direct involvement with the development and implementation of the project selected. Independence is established by ensuring the following:

  • Technical Independence, where IV&V personnel are not involved in any stage of the software requirements, design, and/or development.
  • Managerial Independence, where IV&V responsibility is vested in an organization that is separate from the development and program management activities. The independent selection of the artifacts to be examined and tested, the techniques to be used, the issues to be chosen, and the reporting to be made further affirm this independence.
  • Contractual Independence, where the IV&V contract is executed separately from the MITDP contract.

DoIT has established an Independent Assessment Services (IAS) Master Contract as the primary vehicle for agencies wishing to obtain the services of an IV&V Contractor. The objective of this Master Contract is to enable Government Agencies to procure IT assessment services in a timely and economical manner. DoIT Oversight will provide guidance on IV&V services.

For further information on IV&V business rules, program management, selection and entrance criteria, funding and procurement options, please refer to the DoIT IV&V Policy and Process.