New Policy for DoIT & BPW Agenda Submission Process

DoIT would like to remind agencies to submit award requests that require BPW approval to the ITPO mailbox ( for review and cc to the BPW mailbox

Effective immediately, DoIT will no longer accept agenda submissions if the following criteria are not met:

  1. A minimum of two (2) BPW meetings prior to the contract/modification effective date. DoIT strongly prefers a minimum of three (3) meetings and we may move your item up depending on the schedule.

  2. Complete award packets that include the required supporting documents. DO NOT ask for a placeholder as they will not be honored.

  3. Agenda items must be succinct, grammatically correct and clearly written, so the Board understands what they are being asked to approve.

  4. Supplemental items may not be considered unless they are absolutely necessary.

  5. If you are requesting approval of a modification, renewal option, sole source contract or a single bid/proposal contract, then a pricing justification must be provided that explains why the pricing is fair and reasonable. DoIT will not accept a blanket statement that the pricing is fair and reasonable without documentation/analysis that supports the determination. Please see BPW Advisory adv-2016-1, Fair and Reasonable Contract Price to ensure you provide all required information.

The instructions below are provided to assist agencies in preparing and submitting procurement related transactions:

Step 1: Determine the Approval Path

Step 2: BPW Schedule

  • If the procurement requires BPW approval, use the 2018 DoIT BPW Submission Schedule to determine deadlines.
  • Any Agenda Items and required documents must be submitted by the DoIT Submission Cut-Off Date in order to be considered for BPW Approval.
  • All DoIT Submission Cut-Off Dates are at least 30 days in advance of the BPW meeting.
  • As a rule, agencies should allow for two BPW meetings in the contract dates in case of a meeting cancellation or a deferment.

Step 3: Creating the BPW Agenda Item

Step 4:  Document Checklist

  • Please use the following checklists for:
  • All contracts and affidavits required must be signed by the Bidder / Offeror. Contracts must also be signed by the agency’s Assistant Attorney General.
  • The Contract dates and the amount must match the dates and amount in the agenda item.
  • All documents are required at the time of submission. Incomplete submissions will be held until the next BPW meeting.

Step 5: Day of BPW Meeting

  • At least one representative from the submitting agency should be in attendance at the meeting. Upon arrival to the meeting, please ensure the agency representative checks in with the DoIT BPW Agenda Coordinator, Carla Thompson. The representative should be able to answer any technical questions about the procurement.

Step 6: After Approval by BPW – ADPICS Path

  • Agencies must submit the ADPICS code for final approval
  • The path for BPO's to get BPW approval is doc type  I2 (this is an I as in Information)
    • DEPT CODE     060P1     level     800
    • DEPT CODE     D05         level     700