Video Conferencing Services - Level 3 Ordering Procedures

Service Type - Conferencing Service

BPO: 060B2490031

Commodity Code: 99789-Video*
Description: Video Conference Calling Services

Agency Ordering Procedures:

  1. Each agency user must set up a Level 3 video account before using the video service. There are two (2) forms to be completed before an account can be established.
    1. US Collaboration Services Account Information: to establish agency billing account.
    2. On-board Form: to identify agency video sites and Point of Contact (POC) for each site.
  2. For the Collaboration Services Account Information Form, each requester should have the following information available:
    1. Agency/Sub Agency/Department Name
    2. Agency Address
    3. Agency/Sub Agency/Department POC
    4. POC Phone Number
    5. Agency/Sub Agency /Department Billing Contact Name and Address
    6. Company No (Existing Clients Only)
  3. For the Onboarding Form, each requestor should have the following information available:
    1. Agency/Sub Agency/Department Name
    2. Agency POC
    3. Primary and Secondary Phone Numbers
    4. POC email address
    5. POC FAX number
    6. Site Information (One Technical Contact Per Site)
      • Scheduling Contact Name, email address and phone number
      • Technical Contact Name, primary and secondary phone numbers, and email address
      • Site Room Name, address, and phone number
      • Endpoint datarate capability
      • Endpoint Codec type and software version
      • ISDN Numbers for Endpoint
      • IP address
      • ISP Provider
    7. Billing Information
      • Agency, Contact Name, Address, and email address
    8. Meeting Information
      • Meeting Date
      • Meeting Time
      • Time Zone
      • Data rate (speed) of the Special Features Requested
  4. Submit completed Collaboration Services and Onboarding forms to Lauren Bobowski, Level 3 Account Manager, at for review and to establish an agency's account. The agency's POC will be notified when the account has been established.
    1. Each account owner will receive a unique login and password.
  5. Once the account has been established, the POC is to contact Level 3 Site-testing group, 1-800-546-5882 to schedule a remote site test to verify connectivity to the agency's video conferencing equipment.
  6. The State of Maryland has a single toll free number ( 1-866-247-6034) to initiate video conferencing setup.
    1. For those with internet access, connect to the Interactive Web Reservation (IWR) system login screen.
    2. Enter user name and password, then follow set-up instructions.
  7. Each account will be invoiced individually and sent to the person who established the account. An email will be sent to notify the billing account POC that an invoice is available on Level 3 IWR site. The invoice should be printed and marked by the agency as a certified original invoice before submitting for payment.
  8. The preferred method for the TSR process would be for the Agencies to create a Direct Purchase Order as a release off of the Blanket Purchase Order 060B2490031). DoIT will not approve requisitions.
    1. If creating a Direct Purchase Order, once the document has advanced through the agency's approval path, it will then be sent to the DoIT mailbox via the commodity approval path for final approval and posting.
  9. POs should be created to ensure that payments to Level 3 video conferencing services are tied to the proper BPO.
    1. Direct vouchers may be issued as long as the BPO is referenced.
    2. There is no mail code needed to create the PO.
    3. The proper mail code to use to pay invoices using the PO is 000. Payments will be made via EFT, so there is no requirement for an address match with the invoice.
    4. If rejected by DoIT, the direct PO will be returned to the agency initiator for revision. DoIT will make notes in the Note Pad why document was rejected. The agency would correct and re-submit the Purchase Order or Direct Purchase Order.
    5. Once DoIT approves the PO, the agency does not need to print and/or send the PO to Level 3.