IAS Guidance for Writing a TORFP

To establish a Task Order (TO) for services under the IAS Master Contract, agencies must prepare and solicit an IAS Task Order Request for Proposals (TORFP) using either the Short Form IAS TORFP Template or the Long Form IAS TORFP Template.

Agencies must use the latest version of one of the two templates to construct an IAS TORFP. Use of a different format or template version may increase ITPO's review time or may result in the IAS TORFP being returned to the agency without review. Refer to the IAS TORFP review policy for more details.

1) To get started, review How to Use the IAS Contract. This page will:

  • Help you determine if IAS is the right contract vehicle for your procurement
  • Help you determine which IAS TORFP template you should use
  • Give you a high level understanding of the procurement process.

2) Now review General Guidance on Writing an IAS TORFP to get:

  • General information you need to write a good IAS TORFP
  • Describe the preparation that you need to accomplish before you begin to write the IAS TORFP.

3) If you are writing a Short Form IAS TORFP, then review Instructions for Writing a Short Form IAS TORFP. This page provides step by step instructions to walk you through the process of creating an Short Form IAS TORFP.

4) If you are writing a Long Form IAS TORFP, then review Instructions for Writing a Long Form IAS TORFP. The Long Form is significantly longer and more complex than the Short Form, so the instructions on this page are not step by step, but focus on the sections that are most likely to be challenging for you. If you need additional assistance contact ITPO at itpo.doit@maryland.gov

Additional guidance and documentation can be found on the Service Center page.