Verizon Business (VzB) Long Distance Services Ordering Procedures

​Service Type – Long Distance Service

BPO: 060B7400039  (replaces 060B1400058)

Commodity Code: 99789-LGDIST 
Description: Long Distance Calling Services

Agency Ordering Procedures:

  1. It is up to each agency to keep accurate records of phone lines and the long distance carrier for each line.
  2. When a local phone line is added, changed or deleted, it is very important to ensure that VzB has been notified of the change. Most long distance Y Bill Payer account changes should be addressed when the request for local services has been placed. (See ordering instructions for Local Telecommunications Services 2014).
  3. There will be a $40.82 fee ($40 plus taxes) for each paper invoice you choose to receive via the U.S. Mail. If you choose to receive the printed invoice, there will only be summarized calling information, there and no itemized call detail. We are recommending the following to minimize the number of potential invoices and reduce the cost to the State:
    • Ensure that at least one person has access to the Verizon Enterprise Center (VEC) which is Verizon’s portal providing online access to accounts.
    • The individual(s) that has access to the VEC should have access to all required long distance account Y Bill Payer account numbers
    • Set all Y Bill Payer accounts to paperless billing which will eliminate the $40.82 fee per account.
    • Assign someone to download (in .pdf format) the invoices for review and approval each month. When downloaded from the portal the invoice will have itemized call detail information.
    • Only print those pages of the invoice, which are required when the invoice is submitted for payment.
  4. We also recommend summarizing accounts on a single Y Bill Payer via a process (setting up OBUS names and account numbers). This will minimize the overall number of VzB invoices processed by the State.  The OBUS Name is a name associated to a collection of phone numbers that have been grouped together.