Mobile Devices and Services (MDS) Statewide Contract: ADPICS Procedures

The following outlines the Purchase Order (PO) processing procedures for services and/or equipment available through the Mobile Devices and Services contract. All Executive Branch agencies are required to enter PO releases in State ADPICS against the blanket purchase order (BPO Number 060B3490004). The procedures are effective January 1, 2007. Any questions should be directed to

  1. Create a PO (PCHL 2360) release using the BPO.

  2. Select a Master Contractor from the BPO:
    AT&T Mobility
    Sprint Nextel
    Verizon Wireless
    T-Mobile USA
  3. Select a commodity code from the BPO:
    91575-000002   Wireless voice service
    91575-000003   Wireless data service
    91575-000004   Wireless data phone
    91575-000005   Wireless voice phone
    91575-000006   Wireless data equipment accessories
    91575-000007   Wireless voice equipment accessories
    If using multiple accounting, complete the accounting information on this screen before inserting your WSCA specification.

  4. The following information is required on all orders. Update the commodity specification field with:
    Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA)
    RFP/Contract # 1523
    Agency Contact Person: __________________
    Agency Contact Email: _________________
    Agency Contact Telephone: ____________________
    Description of Equipment or Service Requested: (phone model, accessories and service) _________
    Additional Information Requested by the Provider: ___________________
  5. Enter the agency buyer's code to ensure that the Requesting Agency's contact information is on the PO.

  6. The Requesting Agency may change the DOC type or use the default.  A specific DOC type is not required for the PO.

  7. The PO will automatically be routed via commodity approval processing to DoIT for review and approval in ADPICS mailbox 0*6*0P1, level 800, for transactions $25,000.00 or greater.

  8. The Requesting Agency can monitor the status of the PO through ADPICS via the active document screen (PCHL 9220) or archive screen (PCHL 9230) for the PO.

  9. After the PO is approved and posted by DoIT, the Requesting Agency will fax the PO to the appropriate provider.

  10. The Requesting Agency shall follow up with the provider directly concerning the status of the initial purchase as well as subsequent invoice and service concerns.