Microsoft Select (MS) Plus and Enterprise Software Licenses Ordering Procedures

  1. Determine agency product / service needs. In making product / service selections, it is recommended agencies review their agency's assets to select compatible products or identify technical requirements required in choosing a product.

  2. Requesting Agency requests a quotation from SHI (choose one option):

  3. Requesting Agency verifies pricing (choose one option):

  4. Requesting Agency creates and submits Purchase Order (PO):

  5. SHI Order Confirmation:
    • SHI confirms order, matching agency PO to MS order
    • SHI issues order number for tracking purposes
    • SHI sends license confirmation, once MS receives and processes the licensing portion of the order

  6. SHI Processing/Invoicing:
    • SHI processes the order: Processed means that the order has been completed, software has been accepted by Requesting Agency, and MS has entered licenses on agency’s individual Microsoft Volume Licensing Site (MVLS).
    • SHI sends invoice to Requesting Agency.
    • Requesting Agency verifies invoice and processes payment.