PBX III - Telecommunications Equipment & Services Contract ADPICS Procedures

The following outlines the Reference Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) processing procedures for PBX III, available through the Telecommunications Equipment & Services Master Contract. All Executive Branch agencies are required to create a Reference BPO against the Master PBX III BPO #060B1400048.  The procedures are effective 03-25-11.  After an award is made, the agencies will then create a release against their agency's Reference BPO and send the release (PO) to the vendor.  Any questions should be submitted to PBXIII.doit@maryland.gov.  Refer to User Guide for specific ADPICS instructions.

PART A: Reference Blanket Purchase Order Request For Proposal (PORFP) Solicitation

  1. The agency creates a reference BPO off of the original PBX III BPO.  The agency Reference BPO number is used as the PORFP number. This is an Agency document number.  Example M00B14, S00B14, etc.  See ADPICS user guide for detailed instructions.
  2. The initial vendor code for all agency PORFP’s is # 4102607970, PBX III.  This can be left out and will be modified after an award is made.

PART B: Award

  1. Upon completion of Part A and the necessary DoIT approvals, the agency will be ready to make a PORFP award.
  2. Agency will select the correct vendor and delete remaining vendors from their Reference BPO.
  3. Agency will select correct commodities and delete remaining commodities from their Reference BPO. 
  4. Agency will post Reference BPO and submit for approval.  Agency should establish and confirm the "ADPICS Initiating Department Approval Path"  for agency approvals (Note: This is the agency's internal approval path and does not include DoIT or the BPW). 
  5. DoIT has established Commodity Approval Paths for the Functional areas.  The document will be submitted directly to DoIT after Agency approvals are completed.
  6. After DoIT approvals for the Reference BPO, an Agency Purchase Order must be released against the Agency Reference BPO (PORFP number).  
  7. The agency will finalize the PO release against the Reference Blanket Purchase Order (BPO).  Vendor who won the award will be the default vendor when using the PO Release.
  8. Select the specified commodities from the Reference BPO.
  9. Agency will post the PO release and submit for approval.
  10. The PO will automatically be routed via commodity approval processing to DoIT for review and approval in ADPICS mailbox 060T1, Level 100.
  11. The agency can monitor the status of the PO through ADPICS via the active document screen (PCHL 9220) or archive screen (PCHL 9230) for the PO.
  12. After the PO is approved and posted by DoIT, the agency will fax the PO to the appropriate Master Contractor.
  13. The agency shall follow up with the Master Contractor directly concerning the status of the initial purchase as well as subsequent invoice and service concerns.