PBX III - Telecommunications Equipment and Services Master Contract Functional Areas

Functional Area I - Hardware, Software and Licenses

This Functional Area includes hardware and software necessary for voice communications. Applicable hardware & software includes the following:

  • PBX hardware, software and licenses
  • Station Equipment hardware, software and licenses
  • Voice mail hardware, software and licenses including but not limited to trunk interfaces, storage, power, management, unified messaging and auto-attendant features
  • Contact center hardware, software and licenses
  • Wallboards
  • Dashboard software
  • Enhanced 911 server hardware and software
  • Unified communications hardware, software and licenses
  • Ancillary equipment that principally serves the above items

Functional Area II – Maintenance Services

This Functional Area includes the following:

  • Continuous system and/or software maintenance coverage provided on a monthly fixed fee basis for equipment and services. This shall include, as applicable: equipment replacement parts including battery back-ups, new versions, updates, enhancements and modifications to the equipment and/or software.
  • Technical support, including, but not limited to, troubleshooting, help desk, hardware, network, and vendor-provided third-party software-related services.
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Service Desk Support

Functional Area III - Time and Material Labor

This Functional Area is for hourly labor and associated incidental material required to design, install, configure, test, commission, and/or operate telecommunications systems. This can apply to hardware and software provided under this contract or functionally similar hardware and software operating at the State at the time of contract award.