Statewide Cloud Solutions PA for Amazon Web Services - Ordering Procedures

​Participating Addendum #060B7400091 via NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions 2016-2026 Contract #AR2479

Work Order Template

Work Order Procedure

  1. Determine agency product/service needs. In drafting requirements, it is recommended Agencies review their present assets to select compatible products or identify technical requirements required in choosing a product.
  2. Agency should complete the posted Work Order Template including providing a Statement of Work and any additional Terms & Conditions (i.e. security requirements, data rights clauses, liability limits) for the Work Order which are not in the standard contract terms (as applicable). A copy shall be sent to​ for technical review. Agencies shall coordinate any internal or AAG approvals, as required.
  3. The DoIT Contract Manager will release the Work Order to Deloitte for proposal response. Upon receipt, the Agency will review the proposal, negotiate terms (as needed), arrange funds transfer with DoIT, and obtain necessary internal, AAG, and DoIT approvals.
  4. Upon approval, the DoIT Contract Manager will distribute the fully executed Work Order to all parties.