Salesforce Licenses Ordering Procedures

SaaS and products under the Contract will be provided via a Purchase Order.

A Requesting/Billed Agency will initiate and send a Purchase Order to the Contract Manager or delegate to obtain SaaS and products within the scope of this RFP. If Contractor has offered improved pricing, the Purchase Order will reflect the Contractor’s proposed improved pricing. The Purchase Order will include:

  1. The number and type of products from Contract’s product list
  2. Required due date for start-up of any services
  3. Name of the PO Manager
  4. Requesting/Billed Agency contacts
  5. Instructions for submitting invoices to the Requesting/Billed Agency

The Contract Manager or designee shall review all Purchase Orders and shall approve the Purchase Order for submission to the Contractor.

The Requesting/Billed Agency will issue a release off of the Blanket Purchase Order and send the approved Purchase Order to the Contractor. The Purchase Order shall serve as NTP for the items specified on the Purchase Order.

Provision of SaaS and any products shall not begin in advance of receipt of a fully executed Purchase Order. The Purchase Order must be approved by both the PO Manager and the Contract Manager.