Smartsheet Enterprise Software Licenses 2016

Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) Number: 060B6400050

The objective of this Master contract, effective November 18, 2016 through November 17, 2018, is to enable State government to procure Smartsheet Enterprise licenses in a timely and economical manner. Through Winvale Group, LLC, the State will have a flexible means of obtaining software licenses quickly, efficiently and cost effectively by issuing purchase orders specific to its needs.

DoIT Procurement

For questions related to this contract, or for a copy of the State contract, as amended 9/26/2017, please contact:

Matthew Mickler
Procurement Analyst - DoIT
Phone: 410.6979679

Winvale Representative
Marko Popovic
Phone: 202.480-2905

Smartsheet Representative
Tyler Colton
Sales Engineer
Phone: 425.324.2228​​