Smartsheet Enterprise Software Licenses 2016

Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) Number: 060B6400050

The objective of this Master contract, effective November 18, 2016 through November 17, 2018, is to enable State government to procure Smartsheet Enterprise licenses in a timely and economical manner. Through Winvale Group, LLC, the State will have a flexible means of obtaining software licenses quickly, efficiently and cost effectively by issuing purchase orders specific to its needs.

See ADPICS Procedures.

DoIT Procurement

For questions related to this contract, or for a copy of the State contract, as amended 9/26/2017, please contact:

Matthew Mickler
Procurement Analyst - DoIT
Phone: 410.6979679

Winvale Representative
Marko Popovic
Phone: 202.480-2905

Smartsheet Representative
Tyler Colton
Sales Engineer
Phone: 425.324.2228​​