Application Systems Management


The Application Systems Management (ASM) Division supports more than 48,000 customers of the statewide finance, procurement, and human resource applications. By providing ready access to current, complete, and consistent information, these applications provide the functionality necessary to effectively manage statewide administrative processes, and allow Maryland's policy makers and agency managers to make informed business decisions.
ASM is committed to providing systems and services that meet the needs of our customers. If you should experience service or performance degradation, please contact the Customer Service Desk immediately at (410) 697-9700. Suggestions for application improvements and other non-critical, time sensitive issues can be emailed to the Customer Service Desk.


​Cap​ital Budgeting System (CBIS)​​ ​CBIS allows agencies to electronically submit capital budget requests from their desktops, through a web interface to a central database. OCB budget analysts review the requests and update CBIS with the Governor’s recommendations to the General Assembly. Following the legislative review, OCB staff enters the Governor’s and legislature’s decisions. All Capital Budget reports are also generated and printed from CBIS.
Financial Management Sys​tem (FMIS)​ Financial Management Information System(FMIS) is the official accounting system of record for the State of Maryland comprised of accounting, purchasing and inventory, and reporting applications.
Google Apps for Government​ ​Google Apps for Government (G Suite) is a set of web applications provided by Google. These web applications include Google Email, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Talk (Chat), Google Mobile and Google Sites. All of these web applications offer an online alternative to traditional office suites and provide the tools needed by the State for communication and collaboration.
GovDelivery ​GovDelivery is a digital marketing platform for government organizations worldwide. The GovDelivery platform connects national, regional, and local governments with citizens in order to promote the usage of services, enhance public awareness, and increase the contributions and involvement of citizen communities. GovDelivery's platform facilitates government agencies to drive more traffic to their resources, send more people to their programs, and connect with hard to reach audiences; build communities around open data, drive new audiences to their data, and improve awareness of open data benefits; and educate citizens around their programs, increase attendance at their trainings, and improve trainings results with targeting.
Hands on Budget Office Systems (HOBO) HOBO Hands on Budget Office System (HOBO) is a mainframe software package that is used to maintain a master position control file for all authorized State positions, and to provide position, classification, and salary information for the annual State budget process.
IT Service Management (Service Now) ​​ServiceNow ITSM solutions gives end to end visibility into ITIL processes and infrastructure through a single system of record — making it possible to consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems while automating service management processes (e.g., Request, Incident, Problem, Change, Asset Mgmt., Reporting).
Email Encryption (Virtru) E-mail encryption capabilities are available as an extension of the Google Chrome Browser. Users can encrypt email that is composed and sent from their account. Recipients can also read encrypted email in a secure web-based viewer.