The ​networkMaryland™ Virtual Private Routed network (VPRN) services provides a subscriber a virtual network cloud using MultiProtocol Layer Switching (MPLS) technology across the State’s backbone. The private routed network allows subscribers to provide services to multiple offices from a primary data center, or multiple data center locations. VPRN deconstructs the traditional hub and spoke architecture and provides a flat network between all locations, providing better use of bandwidth resources by removing the traditional congestion points caused by routing all traffic through a central data center or hub location. All sites on the VPRN communicate in a virtual full mesh with any-to-any connectivity; but, with the benefit of only needing one connection to the network

Service Level Objective (SLO):

VPRN has a 99.9% uptime service level objective; excluding planned outages, maintenance windows and unavoidable events.

Features and Benefits:

  • Uses carrier-grade Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to build a private data network for a subscriber.
  • Provides any-to-any network service delivery between subscriber locations; limiting the impact of any single site failure to the services and resources at that location. In a traditional hub-and-spoke architecture, a failure at the hub results in an Enterprise-wide network outage.
  • Simplifies the network architecture required to support Disaster Recovery (DR) Site communications. Once connected to the Agency’s VPRN, the DR site is directly available to all remote locations and is not reliant on any single site for access to the remaining sites.
  • Provides direct network services among all subscriber locations and subscriber data centers. For example, a subscriber does not need to lease a circuit from every edge site to both primary and secondary data centers, allowing for a cost effective network design.

Eligible: State Enterprise Agencies

Availability (Uptime): 24 hours / 365 days

Standard Support Hours: 7am – 9pm Monday- Friday

Exceptions:The Service Desk is not available during State Holidays or Service Reduction Days

Response (to incident) Time: Based on priority, see SLA Document

Resolution (of incident) Time: Based on priority, see SLA Document

Maintenance Windows: Sat/Sun 12:00am – 6:00am (excluding holidays)

Security – Authentication through Active Directory

Business Critical Service: Yes; Recovery Time – 4 hours

Request the Service:

To request this service, please email  DoIT Service Desk at service.desk@maryland.gov


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