Web Systems

The Web Systems Division of the Department of Information Technology oversees the management and direction of Statewide and agency-specific Web applications, Web sites, and Web systems. Responsibilities include maintenance and operations, architecture, development, content management, administration, and customer service. The following are informational website regarding State Website development guidelines.
IT Nonvisual Accessibility
Statewide Web Site Branding

Request a website:

New website requests can be sent to the help desk. Please send an email to Service.Desk@maryland.gov or call 410-697-9700 for assistance.

Statewide Web Managers Community

WebCom - an online resource for employees and contractors working to develop web sites, applications and social media channels. Branding standards, Social Media guidance, Accessibility, and much more!

WebCom Interactive - a collaboration tool for the statewide web staff. Share and obtain reliable information and ideas, view meeting presentations, and more. Contact service.desk@
to request an account.