Telecommunications Access of Maryland (TAM)

tamlarge.png Maryland Relay is administered by Telecommunications Access of Maryland (TAM), a state agency within the Maryland Department of Information Technology.

TAM oversees all Maryland Relay services and programs, including Captioned Telephone service and the Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT) program.


Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT)

​​ ​The Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT) service provides assistive telecommunications equipment to qualified Maryland residents who find it difficult to use a standard telephone and allows them to both make and receive phone calls using a specialized device. The MAT program, a service of Maryland Relay, offers a wide variety of solutions and tools designed to support day-to-day communications

​Maryland Relay The Maryland Relay service makes it easy for those who have difficulty using a standard telephone to place and receive calls. Maryland Relay services are available for free. Users of this service are responsible for paying their monthly telephone bill to the chosen service provider. Long distance rates may apply according to your telephone service. Users may need special equipment to take advantage of the Maryland Relay service.