The code for the statewide navigation is included in the files you downloaded. You should not have to make any code changes for this functionality. Do not alter any of the code related to the Statewide navigation as it is centrally housed and served up to all agencies.

<div id="mdgov_sliverRight">
<ul id="mdgov_settingsNav" class="cl_base_hNav">
<!-- STEP 4: displays statewide nav bar -->
<script type="text/javascript">
YUI().use(function (Y) {
var url = "//",
obj = Y.Get.script(url, {
onSuccess: function () {
document.getElementById('mdgov_sliverRight').innerHTML = showStatewideNavigation("white");
<noscript>You must have Javascript enabled to see this menu.</noscript>
<!-- END statewide nav bar -->