Download the Photoshop (.PSD) file using the link above.

Open the file in Photoshop. Place your logo in the Photoshop file. DO NOT CHANGE THE SIZE OF THE SOURCE FILE. Logos should be flush right. If it is a rectangle then it can be centered. Save the file as a .PNG-24 file with transparency. Upload to your web server. More details.

You need to update your index file, Do a Find for "Step 5" (there are comments above the areas you need to edit) and adjust the link image path and label. Be sure to do this step last as you will need everything in place prior to posting so things show up correctly. More details.

If you have questions about any of the steps please email

  • The PSD File:
    Your Photoshop file has a transparent background and 4 logos to use as guides.
    • Paste your logo on the canvas and position as instructed above based on your logo type.
    • If you want to have text on the transparent background use the text tool for your copy similar to the MD Lottery example.
    • If your Agency doesn't have a logo you still need to have the logo in place as a blank file. Turn off all the guide layers and post the transparent PNG.

  • Updating Code on your Index Page
  • Locate your agency home page, do a Find for "Step 5" (there are comments above the areas you need to edit). You will have to make 3 adjustments. Change the link so it points to your agency home page, change the image location information that points to your logo graphic you just made and change the label in the alt information to your agency name.