Active Data Calendar

​Active Data Calendar can help your agency be in compliance with the Open Meetings Act:

The stated goals of the Maryland Open Meetings Act are to increase the public's faith in government.

Office of the Attorney General

Benefits of using

  • Aggregate agency events on
  • Common platform and distribution for all agencies to utilize
  • Allows for sharing of information across agencies
  • Can tag, sort, filter, publish and promote events

Keep your audience informed, you'll maintain your relationship with them. That's what keeps them coming back.

Entering Events

Here are the three options for entering your event(s):

  1. Use the form located here:
  2. You can provide a CSV, XML, or iCalendar (.ics) file that we can upload to the calendar. Example files showing the correct format for your file:
    1. CSV example
    2. XML example
    3. iCalendar file format
  3. You can request an account in Active Data Calendar ( and create events yourself.

Adding Events to your site

  1. Login to the Calendar ( and select the Marketing tab
  2. Here are the two most common ways:
  3. GENERATE: Quick Link

    This will generate a link for you to place on your site

    1. Select 'Category' as your 'View Type'
    2. Select your agency 'Category(s)/Subcategory(s)
    3. Check the box next to 'Select Events for a Specific Date Range' and from the dropdown select how far into the future to show events
    4. Select 'Submit' and the Quick Link will appear on the right side of the screen
    5. Copy the link and place it on your site where you want users to link to your events


    This will generate code for you to place on your site to display your events

    1. Select your agency 'Category(s)/Subcategory(s)
    2. Check the box next to 'Select Events for a Specific Date Range' and from the 'Range of Dates:' dropdown select how far into the future to show events
    3. Select the checkbox next to 'Expire Events from Syndication List after Start Date/Time of Event'
    4. If you need to change how many events show, change the 'Maximum # Events:'
    5. Select 'Submit' and the code to place on your site will appear on the right side of the screen
    6. If you are using the responsive template you can uncheck the 'Uncheck this box if jQuery is already loading on your webpage.' box
    7. Copy the code in the 'Retrieve Syndication Script' box and place it on your page where you want your events to be.

Event Registration

You will need to be logged into the Calendar ( to create an event requiring registration. When creating your event, make sure to check the box next to 'Enable Registration' on the 'Details & Registration' screen of your event.

  1. Select your 'Registration Rules:'
    • Single Occurrence Level Registration Only Enforced - If selected, Calendar visitors will see the registration option available from all occurrence dates and will be able to register for any one single occurrence that they choose. Once the visitor is approved for registration for one occurrence in the series, then they will no longer be able to register for any other dates/times in the series. If the visitor attempts to register for a second occurrence in the series, they will receive a message that they are already registered and may not register for more than one occurrence and the date/time of the occurrence for which they are already registered will appear.
    • Multiple Occurrence Registration Allowed - If selected, Calendar visitors will need to register for each occurrence in the series individually. If a visitor would like to register for multiple or all dates in the series, then they will see an option to "Register for other Dates in the Series" and they will have the option to select multiple occurrences, all occurrences or a single occurrence within the series by selecting the appropriate checkboxes. The visitor may or may not be approved for all dates/times that they request since approval/denial of registrants for these types of events is on an occurrence by occurrence basis.
  2. Choose the 'Maximum Registrants:' whether it is a specific number or check the box for 'Unlimited'.
  3. Choose your 'Registration Deadline' and 'Cancellation Deadline:' (if necessary)
  4. If you do have a maximum number of registrants you can choose whether to display that or not by selecting the 'Display registration spaces still available:' radion button
  5. Once you have made your selections for your event registration select the 'Preview' button and you will see your selections in the 'Event Details' and you will also see the 'register' icon in the upper right corner of the 'Event Details'. Select the 'Finish' button.
  6. To view your 'Event Registration' select the 'Registration' tab and search for your event by the event date. This view will show you the maximum, pending, approved, denied and cancelled registrants.
  7. Each one of those will be selectable when you have registrants to show you the detailed registration information.
  8. You can also download a copy of the registrants as a CSV file.

To request an account or if you have questions about these options send it to​​​​​​​​​​​​​​