Billing Options

Maryland Relay provides many billing options for users who need to make calls away from their home, work or mobile phone service.

Collect Calls

Relay users can request that the person or business they are calling accept the charges for the call. To do so, simply identify to the Maryland Relay Operator that the call is a collect call, then state or type the number you wish to call and your name.

Calling Card Calls

Relay users may charge calls to any credit card or telephone calling card that is accepted by their carrier.

Calls Billed To a Third Party

Relay calls can also be billed to a number that is different from Relay user’s number or the number being called. Someone must be available at the number being billed to confirm that he or she will accept the charges. To bill to a third party, follow these steps:

  1. Identify to the Maryland Relay Operator that you would like to place a third-party billing call.
  2. Give or type the number you are calling.
  3. Give or type the telephone number to which you are charging the call.
  4. State or type your name.