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​​​Dial 7-1-1 to Make a Relay Call

Or dial the toll-free numbers below to make a call directly through your preferred Relay service:

  • TTY/Hearing Carry-Over:
  • Voice Carry-Over:
  • Two-Line VCO:
  • Captioned Telephone:
  • ASCII: 877-735-5151
  • Speech-to-Speech: 800-785-5630
  • Visually Assisted Speech-to-Speech: 855-828-6465
  • Spanish:
  • Voice Users:

File a Complaint

Complete the Federal Communications Commission’s online complaint form if you have concerns regarding a recent Relay experience or service. At this site, please fill out Form 2000C "Disability Access Complaint" (link will open in a new window).​​​

 Contact Maryland Relay Customer Service

​Phone: 800-552-7724 or 410-767-6960 (Voice/TTY)
443-453-5970 (Video Phone)
​Fax: ​410-767-4276
​Mail: ​Maryland Relay/Telecommunications Access of Maryland (TAM)
301 West Preston Street, Suite 1008A
Baltimore, MD 21201
​Email: MoreInfo@MDRelay.org
Please indicate in the subject line to which person, program or feature your message is to be directed.