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​Dial 7-1-1 to Make a Relay Call

Or dial the toll-free numbers below to make a call directly through your preferred Relay service:

  • TTY/Hearing Carry-Over:
  • Voice Carry-Over:
  • Two-Line VCO:
  • Captioned Telephone:
  • ASCII: 877-735-5151
  • Speech-to-Speech: 800-785-5630
  • Visually Assisted Speech-to-Speech: 855-828-6465
  • Spanish:
  • Voice Users:

File a Complaint

Complete the Federal Communications Commission’s online complaint form if you have concerns regarding a recent Relay experience or service. At this site, please fill out Form 2000C "Disability Access Complaint" (link will open in a new window).​​​

Contact Maryland Relay Customer Service

​Phone: 800-552-7724 or 410-767-6960 (Voice/TTY)
443-453-5970 (Video Phone)
​Fax: ​410-767-4276
​Mail: ​Maryland Relay/Telecommunications Access of Maryland (TAM)
301 West Preston Street, Suite 1008A
Baltimore, MD 21201
Please indicate in the subject line to which person, program or feature your message is to be directed.