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Maryland Relay News

9/6/2017Hamilton CapTel recently released important information to registered CapTel users about the compatibility of iOS 11 with their app. The notice reads as follows:

There has been a lot of talk in the tech community surrounding the new iOS 11 update to be released by Apple® this fall. Among the significant updates promised by the new operating system is a downside for some users – thousands of 32-bit apps will no longer work on mobile devices running the latest version of iOS.

The Hamilton CapTel app is among those that will not currently function with iOS 11. We recommend that Apple mobile users who rely upon the popular Hamilton CapTel app delay updating their device so they can continue to make and receive calls with captions. The current Hamilton CapTel app will continue to function with iOS 10 and previous supported versions. The Hamilton CapTel Development Team is working to finalize an updated version of the app that is fully compatible with iOS 11 to be available in the App Store this Fall.
As of August 15, new users who wish to register for the Hamilton CapTel app may visit the Hamilton CapTel website and request to be notified when the updated app is available. The Hamilton CapTel 840i and 2400i model phones as well as the Hamilton CapTel app for Android™ and Hamilton CapTel for PC/Mac are NOT affected by this update.
If you have already updated your device to iOS 11, you may continue to use Hamilton CapTel’s services through the web browser on a PC/Mac or tablet.
Thank you for being a Hamilton CapTel customer and rest assured we are committed to providing you with proven captioned telephone technology you can count on.
7/10/2017Important Consumer Information about the Impact of Telephone Service Networks and CapTel Devices

​Telephone companies are switching from copper lines (traditional analog) to digital technology.  In most cases, the telephone companies do not inform their own customers of the changes, so the consumer is not aware of what is happening outside their home.

These changes impact users who rely on analog landline telephone connections, including people who use the CapTel 200, 800, and 840 phones where the captions travel over the phone line. Because of this many users if the CapTel 200, 800, and 840 phones are experiencing data connection problems. This is a *direct *result of the switch.
The changes occurring to the nation’s telephone infrastructure are *entirely* outside of CapTel’s control. We recognize the current situation puts CapTel users who do have internet access into a difficult position and are working with local internet providers to identify low-cost access options for people who only need service for their device.
There are digital phone options available to clients through an upgrade during this transition.  The CapTel 840 Plus, 840i, or 2400i are designed to carry the voice connection over the telephone network and the caption data over the internet. Through this device the client will no longer experience the caption difficulties from the analog to digital switch.
12/20/2016NEW Tablet Program Introduced
​The Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT) program - a service of Maryland Relay - has launched a new program that provides tablets to qualified MAT program applicants. The tablets come pre-loaded with apps specific to each user's needs, providing convenient, portable access to Maryland Relay services and other communications tools.
The new tablet program is just one of the many solutions the MAT program offers to support users' day-to-day communications.  As part of the MAT program, evaluators work one-on-one with qualified applicants to find the solution that best fit each individual's needs. *Learn more about the MAT program and the application process now.*