Customized Relay

To create the fastest, most seamless calling experience possible, Maryland Relay users are strongly encouraged to create a Customer Profile. A Customer Profile automatically notifies the Maryland Relay Operator of the user’s calling preferences at the start of every call, including:

  • Preferred Relay service (e.g., TTY, VCO, HCO)
  • Language (English or Spanish)
  • Preferred Operator gender
  • Frequently dialed numbers
  • And more

Multi-User Customer Profiles are available for two or more Relay users calling from the same location/ phone number. Download our Multi-User Guide to learn more.

 Set up your Customer Profile now.


Long Distance Calls

Maryland Relay users have many options for reaching people and businesses across the country and around the world. See the list of current long distance carriers.

Billing Options

Maryland Relay provides many billing options for users who need to make calls outside of their home, work or mobile phone plans. Learn more about billing options.