​The Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is the primary procurement unit responsible for the review, approval, and oversight of non-delegated Information Technology (IT) procurements on behalf of Maryland Relay and Telecommunications Access of Maryland (TAM). This includes mandatory solicitation review and approval prior to issue, contract awards, renewal options, and contract modifications.

TAM currently has a contract in place for the procurement of Assistive Telecommunications Equipment and Associated Peripherals. Learn more about the current contract.

Assistive Equipment for State Employees

Do you or one of your employees need an assistive telephone as a work accommodation? State agencies, as well as Maryland county governments and municipalities, have the opportunity to purchase equipment such as TTYs, videophones, and captioned telephones.

To learn more, visit the DoIT website or call 800-552-7724 or 410-767-6960 (Voice/TTY) or 443-453-5970 (Video Phone).