Guidelines for Maryland State Government Web Sites

TRANSLATION FEATURE: A translation feature must be included on Maryland State government websites. Instructions on how to implement this feature is available here. If you have questions reach out to Anthony Burrows at 443-336-2510 or

CONSISTENCY - Maryland State Government web sites adhere to common naming conventions, standard design characteristics and consistent functionality. Citizens recognize these web sites by use of the sub domain, official State of Maryland crown logo, common design elements and content layout. The use of consistent links and functionality on all pages make the State’s web sites easier to use.

  • branding/design instructions (CLICK HERE for agency template files - please note that access to the template requires connectivity to the Statewide Government Intranet (SwGI)
  • The use of .com, .org and .net domains are discouraged and must be approved by DOIT prior to purchase and implementation.
  • Statewide search functionality.

- Web site design, functionality and content will adhere to the State’s regulations for non-visual accessibility.

- All Maryland Government pages must include Contact information in the footer.

  • Mailing address
  • Main Phone #
  • “Contact us” link that directs to centralized, uniform agency page of phone directory

- Web sites will provide links to policies to ensure the appropriate protections and practices of the State and its citizens, to be located within footer of all pages:

  • Accessibility
  • Privacy
  • Terms of use (security and linking)

- Maryland.Gov is the official web site for the State of Maryland and is the primary one-stop-shop for connecting citizens and visitors to government information and services. This includes:

  • Online services/content aggregated by topic, geography, business or individual (seniors/teens/kids pages, etc.).
  • There must be consistent communication channels between agencies and DOIT to ensure information and services are current and mapped into
  • Content on government web sites should always be simplified and written for the web (

- Maryland Government web sites will promote interaction between people and Government. Web sites will provide mechanisms for citizens and visitors to provide input/feedback on information/services.

  • Uniform Contact Us pages
  • Surveys/feedback forms to solicit feedback and measure progress
  • Centralized alert notices (statewide navigation bar; governor image/link)
  • Web analytics
  • Personalization features and viewing tools
  • Email newsletter and RSS subscription services
  • Webcom site to enable statewide developers able to share essential and related updates, enhancements, feedback, and support.

- Content published on public facing web sites will align with the agency’s record retention policy in accordance with guidance provided by the State Archives on the management of public records. (

MULTI-MEDIA - Web sites will promote access to content and events via a variety of media formats (audio, video, email subscriptions). will be used to centralize access to technology and to increase visibility of information.

QUALITY CONTROLLED - The Statewide Web Manager community will serve as a collective governance model for to develop, promote and monitor Maryland’s eGov presence. The group will be used to initiate collaborative projects for the use of shared tools such as mapping services, language translation, etc. and to promote interaction between agencies with common lines of business and or process to better service the State’s citizens through the use of web technology.