Policies and Guidance

The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is required by Maryland State law (MD State Finance and Procurement Code Ann. § 3A-301-309) to develop and implement policy, standards, and implementation guidance to promote the mission-effective and cost-efficient use of various types of IT to enable a wide range of State Agency mission and support functions.

To do this, DoIT maintains a publicly-accessible IT Policy Catalog that is accessed via this webpage. The IT Policy Catalog contains Secretary-approved policies as well as implementation documents that are attachments to policies and may be changed as is needed to reflect the latest standards and most effective methods for implementing IT solutions. These IT solutions may be sourced through DoIT enterprise services, agency custom development, or commercially procured products and services, all through State-approved methods for contacts and acquisitions.

The Policy Catalog is organized in two ways: (1) by policy number; and (2) by service area. Policy and guidance are developed by DoIT subject matter experts in collaboration with agency and industry stakeholders and experts, reviewed by the DoIT Policy Review Board (ITPRB) for accuracy, consistency, compliance with legal requirements and industry standards and is then approved by the DoIT Secretary.