Glossary Acronyms
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ACWP                         Actual Cost of Work Performed
ADPICS                      Advance Purchasing and Inventory Control System
AEC                            Agency Evaluation Committee
ARB                            Architecture Review Board
ART                            Agile Release Train
BCWP                         Budgeted Cost of Work Performed
BCWS                         Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled
BIA                              Business Impact Analysis
BO                               Business Owner
BV                               Business Value
C&A                            Certification & Accreditation
CATS                          Consulting and Technical Services
CFO                            Chief Financial Officer
CI                                Continuous Integration
CIO                             Chief Information Officer
COCOMO II                Constructive Cost Model II
CoD                            Cost of Delay
ConOps                      Concept of Operations
CoP                             Communities of Practice
COTS                          Commercial off-the-Shelf
COMAR                      Code of Maryland Regulations
CM                              Configuration Management
DAA                            Designated Approval Authority
DBM                            Department of Budget and Management
DLS                             Department of Legislative Services
DoD                            Definition of Done
DoIT                            Department of Information Technology
DRP                            Disaster Recovery Plan
DSU                            Daily Stand Up
EA                               Enterprise Architecture
EAC                            Estimate at Complete
EO                               Epic Owner
EOY                            End-of-Year
EPMO                         Enterprise Program Management Office
ESPI                            Enterprise Solutions Planning Initiative
FDD                            Feature-Driven Development
FP                               Fixed-price
FISMA                        Federal Information Security Management Act
FRD                            Functional Requirements Document
FW                              Firmware
FY                               Fiscal Year
HW                             Hardware
I&A                             Inspect and Adapt
IFB                              Invitation for Bid
IP                                Innovation and Planning (Iteration)
IT                                Information Technology
ITAC                          Information Technology Advisory Council
ITIL                            Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITMP                          Information Technology Master Plan
ITPO                          Information Technology Procurement Office
ITPR                          Information Technology Project Request
ITSR                          Information Technology Solution Request
IV&V                           Independent Verification and Validation
JCR                            Joint Chairmen’s Report 
MFR                          Mid-Year
MFR                          Managing for Results
MITDP                       Major Information Technology Development Project
MTAF                        Maryland Technical Architecture Framework
MVI                            Minimal Viable Increment
MVP                           Minimal Viable Product
NIST                          National Institute of Standards and Technology
NFR                           Non-functional Requirements
NSA                           National Security Agency
NVA                           An an activity that is not required by the business nor is the customer willing to pay for.  Also known as “waste”.
O&M                          Operations and Maintenance
OBA                          Office of Budget Analysis
OOC                          Out-of-Cycle
OPM                          Oversight Project Manager
OTT                           Over-the-Target
PDCA                        Plan, Do, Check, Act
PI                               Program Increment
PIR                             Post-Implementation Review
PIR                             Project Implementation Request
PM                             Product Management
PMBOK                     Project Management Body of Knowledge
PMI                            Project Management Institute
PMO                          Project Management Office
PMP                          Project Management Professional/Project Management Plan
PO                             Product Owner
POC                          Point of Contact
PPR                           Project Planning Request
PSS                           Project Scope Statement
RACI                         Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
RAD                          Rapid Application Development
RAM                          Responsibility Assignment Matrix
RFP                           Request for Proposal
RFR                           Request for Resume
RMP                           Risk Management Plan
ROAM                        Resolve, Owned, Accepted, Mitigated
ROM                          Rough Order of Magnitude
RR                              Risk Reduction
RTE                            Release Train Engineer
RTM                           Requirements Traceability Matrix
RUP                           Rational Unified Process
SaaS                          Software-as-a-Service
SAFe                          Scaled Agile Framework
SA                              SAFe Agilest
SDD                           Systems Design Document
SDLC                         System Development Life Cycle
SM                             Scrum Master
SOP                           Standard Operating Procedures
SoS                            Scrum of Scrums
SP                              SAFe Practioner
SPC                           SAFe Program Consultant
SOW                          Statement of Work
SSCD                         System Security Consensus Document
SW                             Software
T&M                           Time and Materials
TMP                           Test Master Plan
TO                              Task Order
TPC                            Total Project Cost
TORFP                       Task Order Request for Proposal
UAT                            User Acceptance Test
UE                              User Experience
VS                              Value Stream
VSE                            Value Stream Engineer
WBS                           Work Breakdown Structure
WIP                            Work In Progress
WSJF                         Weighted Shortest Job First
XP                              Extreme Programming

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