Enterprise Program Management Office

The Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) provides direction related to IT program management needed to successfully initiate, budget, plan, manage and complete information technology (IT) projects that support Maryland's goal for efficient, effective and innovative services.

The EPMO is the organizational entity assigned the responsibilities related to DoIT’s remit for Projects and Programs including:

  • Governance/Oversight and Risk Management
  • Establishing and Maintaining Policies and Standards
  • Promoting Agency Cross-Collaboration
  • Direct Management of IT Projects and Programs
  • Provisioning of Project Management Services

Our goal is to establish repeatable project management processes (consistent with industry standards and best practices); offer project management guidance and training; perform project oversight (as required by state statute); and provide useful tools, templates and information that will contribute to project success.

The EPMO works with agencies to improve project success rates through: 1) Governance – the management framework within which project decisions are made, 2) Strategic Alignment of business critical-, high risk-, and major IT projects and programs, and 3) EPMO services in support of a State-wide Program Management (PM) portfolio.

The State's approach to project management is based on the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which provides project managers with a repeatable process to guide them through the planning and execution of successful IT projects.  The SDLC is a key aspect of the State's Oversight Methodology and should be used by all project managers to promote the development of safe, secure and reliable systems.

The benefits of good project management and following the SDLC are the improved ability to deliver projects on time, in scope and within budget, as well as satisfy an agency's business needs. Templates are available to provide assistance through the main phases of the SDLC.   ​​​​​​

This direction, guidelines and support also assist agencies in understanding the roles and responsibilities and requirements relating to Major IT development (MITDP) projects.​