Initiating a Project

Initiate Manage Complete

The following steps have proven to help provide transparency and accelerate submission and successful launching of an Information Technology (IT) project. Embedded in each step are links to the appropriate DBM budget processes and DoIT project management methodologies.​

Step 1: Identify a business need or opportunity; reference your Agency's IT Master Plan (ITMP). For additional information on the IT Master Plan, please reference the ITMP Procedures.

Step 2: Submit a high-level IT Solutions Request explaining your need (ITSR). If there is additional supporting, relevant documents related to the project, the agency can provide this to DoIT at the exploratory meeting with your team.

Step 3: DoIT determines if the IT project qualifies as a Major IT Development Project (MITDP)

Step 4: Commence the initial Planning Phase, including the IT Project Request (ITPR​) to secure annual funding.

Step 5: Manage the project ​implementation in accordance with the State's Iterative Development Lifecycle.​ 

Information Technology Solution Request Form

This form, referenced in Step 2 above, is intended for agencies to submit new IT solution and initiative requests. DoIT will assist agencies to ensure solutions are properly scoped as enterprise initiatives in accordance with the State ITMP. Previously approved and budgeted Major IT Development Projects (MITDPs) are excluded from this request form.

Please fill out all General Information (Required Fields) with as much detail as possible. If you would like to provide additional request related documents, materials, or NIC work order request forms, please send them to