Major IT Development Projects

This section includes a compilation of all of the State’s major information technology development projects (MITDPs) that are in progress. View the MITDP portfolio list​​​ in agency alphabetical order.

The list includes the agency, title and description of the project.

What constitutes a Major IT Development Project?

Article - State Finance and Procurement § 3A-301.

(f) "Major Information Technology Development Project" means any information technology development project that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. the estimated total cost of development equals or exceeds $1 million;
  2. the project is undertaken to support a critical business function associated with the public health, education, safety, or financial well-being of the citizens of Maryland; or
  3. the Secretary determines that the project requires the special attention and consideration given to a major information technology development project due to:
    (i) the significance of the project's potential benefits or risks;
    (ii) the impact of the project on the public or local governments;
    (iii) the public visibility of the project; or
    (iv) other reasons as determined by the Secretary.

Source: Maryland General Assembly Web Site