Enterprise Program Management Office: Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their responses compiled by the PMO.

What is a project?


A project is a set of interrelated activities with a specific goal or end result, and with a clear start and finish. Projects may include non-traditional information technology (IT) development, but involve telecommunications or engineering activities. Regardless of size, the State's System Development Life Cycle (SDLC​) methodology should be followed as good project management practice.​

What constitutes a Major Information Technology Development Project (MITDP)?


An MITDP​ is any IT development project that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The estimated total cost of development equals or exceeds $1 million;
  • The project is undertaken to support a critical business function associated with the public health, education, safety or financial well being of the citizens of Maryland; or
  • The DoIT Secretary determines that the project requires the special attention and consideration given to an MITDP.

Does the DoIT EPMO provide Project Management resources for my project?


No, DoIT's EPMO provides oversight​ for all of the State's MITDPs. Day-to-day Project Managers and project management resources are obtained/assigned by the sponsoring agencies.​

How do I know which DoIT Oversight Project Manager is assigned to my project?


Contact the EPMO directly for the Oversight PM assignment.​

Does the Information Technology Project Request (ITPR) qualify as an SDLC document?


Yes, because the ITPR encompasses a tremendous amount of useful information critical to the System Concept Development phase (phase two of the SDLC​) of the project.​

Do you have to do an ITPR for an IT project that does not qualify as an MITDP?


No, ITPRs are a recommended practice, but it is not required for non-MITDPs.​

What is an IV&V and how do they come about?


An IV&V is an independent verification and validation or a third party assessment of a project. IV&V contractors are typically solicited by the DoIT EPMO to conduct a health assessment of select MITDPs, based on the project/agency's recent history.​

How are IV&V's budgeted?


IV&Vs are budgeted via an appropriation to the MITDP Fund at DoIT. Beginning with FY12, each MITDP must budget $250,000 for each full fiscal year of the MITDP. See the ITPR instructions​ for additional information.​​

What do I do if my contract is about to expire prior to the completion of my project?


The first step is to contact your agency's procurement office to inquire about options such as recompeting for the services or exercising an option of the existing contract. For additional guidance, contact the DoIT Procurement Office at EPMO.DoIT@maryland.gov​.​

Are projects tracked according to the fiscal or calendar years?


Projects are tracked according to the fiscal year, which is July 1st - June 30th. Project progress is tracked by the SDLC Phase.​​​

Is Operations and Maintenance (O&M) included in the overall development cost of a project?


Yes, O&M must be included for one full fiscal year after development, then it gets moved into the general budget.​​​

What if my question is not in this list?


Send an email to: EPMO.DoIT@maryland.gov.​​

What is the SDLC for MITDPs?

  The State SDLC policy for MITDPs requires a lean-agile approach to the development of IT solutions. This approach delivers value to the State more frequently and improved implementations of IT solutions.

What if a project requires an exception to the SDLC?


In instances where an “unavoidable impediment” prohibits adherence to the SDLC, an exception to the SDLC May be granted by the DoIT Secretary. Agencies may submit a written request for an exception for review.​​

Does EPMO prescribe a specific agile methodology?


No, the EPMO is not partial to a particular methodology, so long as is falls within the framework of lean-agile development.​

How do agencies submit an IT project request?


DoIT has established an Intake process for all IT requests. Agencies should have a general understanding of the scope and a clearly identified need for the solution.​

Does MITDP determination add a year to projects?


No. Although MITDPs must follow the State SDLC for developing solutions and are required to complete planning and implementations phases, the impact to implementation schedules is minimal for major IT projects.​


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