Assistive Telecommunications Equipment (ATE) Master Contract: ADPICS Procedures

The following outlines the Purchase Order (PO) processing procedures for Assistive Telecom Equipment & Associated Peripherals available through the Assistive Telecom Equipment & Associated Peripherals (ATE) Master Contract. All Executive Branch agencies are required to enter PO releases in State ADPICS against the blanket purchase order (BPO) #060B4400010. These procedures are effective 8/13/2014. Any questions should be submitted to

PART A: Purchase Order Invitation For Bid (POIFB) or Purchase Order Request For Proposal (PORFP) Solicitations

  1. The agency releases a POIFB or PORFP after creating an agency purchase order (PO). The PO number is used as the POIFB or PORFP number.
  2. The PO must be a release against the DoIT ATE Master Blanket Purchase Order #060B4400010.
  3. The agency should establish and confirm the "ADPICS Initiating Department Approval Path" for agency approvals (Note: This is the agency's internal approval path and does not include DoIT or the BPW).

PART B: Award

  1. Upon completion of Part A, the agency will be ready to make a POIFB or PORFP award and finalize the PO.
  2. The agency will finalize the PO release against the DoIT Assistive Telecom Equipment & Associated Peripherals Master Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) #060B4400010 via the following process.
  • Select the vendor to be awarded the POIFB or PORFP from PCHL2349, the BPO Vendor Selection screen. There are many Master Contractors on the Master Contract, so use caution when selecting the vendor.
  • Select the commodity from PCHL2348, BPO detail screen, for the corresponding functional area of the POIFB or PORFP.

    99785-FA1 - Amplified Telephones and Associated Peripherals

    99785-FA2 - Alerting Devices / Emergency Devices and Associated Peripherals

    99785-FA3 - Captioned Telephones and Associated Peripherals

    99785-FA4 - TTY, VCO Phones, HCO Phones and Associated Peripherals

    99785-FA5 - Specialized Accessories / Switches and Associated Peripherals

    99785-FA6 - Hands-Free Telephones / Devices and Associated Peripherals

    99785-FA7 - Devices for Speech Impaired and Associated Peripherals

    99785-FA8 - Devices for Visually Impaired and Associated Peripherals

    99785-FA9 - Devices for Cognitively Impaired and Associated Peripherals

    99785-FA10 - Wireless Devices / Videophones and Associated Peripherals

    99785-FA11 - Extended Warranty(ies)

  • The agency may change the DOC type or use the default. A specific DOC type is not required for the PO.
  • The PO will automatically be routed via commodity approval processing to DoIT for review and approval in ADPICS Mailbox 060P1, level 800.
  • The agency can monitor the status of the PO through ADPICS via the active document screen (PCHL 9220) or archive screen (PCHL 9230) for the PO.
  • After the PO is approved and posted by DoIT, the agency will fax the PO to the appropriate Master Contractor.
  • The agency shall follow up with the Master Contractor directly concerning the status of the initial purchase as well as subsequent invoice and service concerns.

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