Statewide Contracts - Alphabetical

​​​​​​​Updates to DoIT Statewide Contract webpages are in progress in response to the newly issued COMAR 21.05.13 Master Contracting regulations effective March 11, 2019. Agency buyers are advised t​​hat all PORFP, TORFP, and RFR awards, modifications, and option renewals valued over $200K now require BPW approval. Please refer to ​ITPO Memo​ issued March 22, 2019 for additional information.​​

060B4400010 Assistive Telecommunications Equipment (ATE) and Associated Peripherals
060B8400093 Assistive Telecommunications Evaluation Services 2018​
060B5400014 Call/Contact Center Serv​ices 2015​
060B6400046 Cable and Wiring Materials and Services
060B2490023 Consulting and Technical Services + (CATS +)
​060B2490021 Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software (COTS 2012)​
​060B5400007 ​Desktop, Laptop and Tablet 2015​
060B6400030 Digital Communications Management
060B8400058 Electronic Monitoring for Community Supervision​​
060B7400056​ GIS Software as a Service (SaaS) Master Contract​​
​060B6400028 GIS Software Master Contract
060B2490022 Hardware and Associated Equipment and Services 2012
​060B8400061 IT Research & Advisory Services
​001B0600408​ Information Technology Solution and Services to Purchase Microsoft Licensing Packages​​
F50B7400022 Learning Management System (LMS)
060B9400142​ Local Telecommunications Services 2014
001B0600386 Long Distance & Toll Free 2020 Services Master Contract
​060B8400039 ​​Maryland Time Clock Management System
​060B6400047​​ Medical Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Tracking System
​060B7400059 ​​Meeting Live Streaming and Hosting Services​​
​060B1400048​ ​PBX III Telecommunications Equipment and Services​​ 
001B0600162 PBX IV Telecommunications Equipment and Services​ 
​060B7400088 ​Radio Communications 2018
060B6400007 Salesforce Licenses 2016 ​
060B7400004 Self-Funded eGovernment Services
​060B7400081 Statewide Cloud Solutions PA for Amazon Web Services (MDTHINK projects)
​060B7400091 Statewide Cloud Solutions PA for Amazon Web Services
060B1400062 Telecommunications Billing Audit Services
​​F50B9400020​ Telecommunications Relay and Captioned Telephone Services 2020​
​060B8400016 ​Virtual Educational Learning Management System (VELMS)​
​001B1600087 Wireless Voice, Data and Accessories​