Telecommunications Contracts

060B5400014 Call/Contact Center Services 2015
Master Contract to provide general communication center services for various agencies (except for DHR).
060B9400142​ Local Telecommunications Services 2014 
Master contract provides for local access telephone service only for the State's pre-defined local access and transport areas (LATA). These LATAs are 236 (Washington, DC), 238 (Baltimore), 240 (Hagerstown), and 242 (Salisbury). Local access services encompass all local services for new State facilities, new business lines, new PBX trunks, new Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines, and Intra-LATA toll.
​​060B7400039 ​Long Distance and Toll Free Services 2017 Master Contract​
060B0400006 Microwave and Ancillary Equipment and Services Master Contract 2010
Master Contract to provide microwave and ancillary equipment and services.
060B3490004 Mobile Devices and Services
Master Contract to provide the following mobile devices and services: 1) Cellular phone, 2) Push-to-talk, 3) Personal Device Assistance (PDA) – Data only or Date/Voice, and 4) Air Cards
060B1400048 PBX III Telecommunications Equipment and Services 
Master Contract to procure telecommunications hardware, software, and licenses and related maintenance and labor services.
060B1400062 Telecommunications Billing Audit Services
Master Contract to procure services to perform audits on past, present and future State telecommunications contracts that are subject to audit.
060B1400046 Toll Free Services
Master Contract to provide toll free services including inbound, outbound and two-way capabilities.
060B3490002 Two-Way Radio Equipment and Services (Mobile Radio Equip.; Comm. Consoles; Install, Repair and Maint. Services)
Master Contract to provide two-way (including mobile) radio equipment; communications consoles and associated equipment; and related installation, repair and preventive maintenance services.