Voice Systems - Telecommunications Services

The mission of the Network Division's Voice Systems Unit is to provide superior voice telecommunications service.  The unit manages seven (7) statewide voice contracts, assists agencies with project management and technical expertise, and reviews vendor-generated invoices.  The Voice Systems Unit also manages nineteen (19) PBXs that are located within Multi-Service Centers (MSCs).  Additionally, the unit manages both the Baltimore State Office Complex and the Annapolis Complex PBXs.  The Baltimore and Annapolis complex PBXs provide telecommunications services for more than 16,000 users.

A major goal of the Voice Systems Unit is to connect most of the 350+ statewide PBXs by using networkMaryland(TM) as a voice transport infrastructure.  This strategy will reduce long distance, local call and circuit costs for State agencies.  This will begin a phased approach for the deployment of VoIP.​