DoIT Portfolio Officers

DoIT Portfolio Officers Left to right: Betsy Jackson, Intake Manager, Ashley Laymon, Portfolio Officer, Tanya Williams, Portfolio Officer, and Rob Bishop, Portfolio Officer​​
Administrative Office of the CourtsAOCRob Bishop
Attorney GeneralOAGRob Bishop
Baltimore City Community CollegeBCCCTanya Williams
Banneker-Douglass Museum of African-American History & CultureBDMAshley Laymon
Board of Public WorksBPWTanya Williams
Boards, Commissions and OfficesBoards, Commissions and OfficesRob Bishop
Canal Place Preservation & Development AuthorityCPPDATanya Williams
Commission on Civil RightsMCCRRob Bishop
Comptroller of MarylandCOMPTanya Williams
Constituent ServicesConstituent ServicesRob Bishop
Critical Area Commission for the Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays CACTanya Williams
Department of AgingMDOAAshley Laymon
Department of Budget & ManagementDBMLance Schine
Department of CommerceCOMMAshley Laymon
Department of DisabilitiesMDODRob Bishop
Department of General ServicesDGSRob Bishop
Department of Housing & Community DevelopmentDHCDAshley Laymon
Department of Human ServicesDHSAshley Laymon
Department of Information TechnologyDOITAshley Laymon
Department of Juvenile Services    DJSAshley Laymon
Department of Legislative ServicesDLSTanya Williams
Department of Natural Resources DNRTanya Williams
Department of PlanningMDPTanya Williams
Department of Public Safety & Correctional ServicesDPSCSRob Bishop
Department of State PoliceMSPRob Bishop
Department of the Environment  MDETanya Williams
Department of TransportationMDOTAshley Laymon
Department of Veterans AffairsMDVAAshley Laymon
Division of Rehabilitation ServicesDORSAshley Laymon
General AssemblyGAMTanya Williams
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