DoIT Portfolio Officers


 Left to right:
​ Ashley Laymon, Chief Experience Officer; Latanya Adams, 
Portfolio Officer;
Tanya Williams, Portfolio Officer; Rob Bishop, Portfolio 
Officer (Acting);
Charmaine Burrell, Portfolio Officer; Betsy Jackson, Intake​ Manager
Administrative Office of the CourtsAOCRob Bishop
Attorney GeneralOAGRob Bishop
Baltimore City Community CollegeBCCCTanya Williams
Board of Public WorksBPWLatanya Adams
Board, Commissions, and OfficesBoards, Commissions and OfficesLatanya Adams
Canal Place Preservation & Development AuthorityCPPDALatanya Adams
Commission on Civil RightsMCCRRob Bishop
Comptroller of MarylandCOMPTanya Williams
Department of AgingMDOACharmaine Burrell
Department of Budget & ManagementDBMTanya Williams
Department of CommerceCOMMLatanya Adams
Department of DisabilitiesMDODCharmaine Burrell
Department of General ServicesDGSLatanya Adams
Department of Housing & Community DevelopmentDHCDCharmaine Burrell
Department of Human ServicesDHSCharmaine Burrell
Department of Juvenile ServicesDJSCharmaine Burrell
Department of Legislative ServicesDLSTanya Williams
Department of Natural ResourcesDNRTanya Williams
Department of PlanningMDPTanya Williams
Department of Public Safety & Correctional ServicesDPSCSRob Bishop
Department of State PoliceMSPRob Bishop
Department of the EnvironmentMDETanya Williams
Department of Veterans AffairsMDVACharmaine Burrell
District Court of MarylandRob Bishop
Division of Rehabilitation ServicesDORSCharmaine Burrell
General AssemblyGAMTanya Williams
Governor's Coordinating OfficesGCOsLatanya Adams
Governor's Office of Crime Prevention, Youth and Victim ServicesGOCCPRob Bishop
Health Care Alternative Dispute Resolution OfficeHCADROTanya Williams
Historic St. Mary's City CommissionHSMCCLatanya Adams
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