AWS Ordering Procedures

For Maryland Agencies interested in establishing an Engagement Addendum with Day1 Solutions, Inc. for Amazon Web Services, please follow the below steps to utilize DoIT'S Participating Addendum #F50B4400073 under the WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Purchasing Program Utah Contract #MA265.

  1. Determine agency product / service needs. In making product / service selections, it is recommended agencies review their agency's assets to select compatible products or identify technical requirements required in choosing a product.
  2. Agency should complete an Engagement Addendum Template and Scope of Work. Upon completion of Requesting Agency's internal and AAG reviews, a copy shall be sent to for technical review. Please see Contract Award Information page for a copy of DoIT's current EA as guidance.
  3. Upon approval to proceed, Requesting Agency will coordinate with Day1 directly to complete EA and Scope of Work signatures. This includes obtaining any associated internal agency approvals and AAG review. A copy of the final signed version must be sent to for final award review and signature. Upon conditional approval and signature, DoIT will require a BPO or PO in ADPICS with DoIT in the approval path.
  4. Once the EA is executed, Requesting Agency will follow the below to place a Purchase Order with Day1:
    • Jimmy Fitch
      Day1 Solutions, Inc.
      1751 Pinnacle Dr., Suite 425
      McLean, VA 22102
      Cell: 240-328-5656
    • Sean Wilson
      Day1 Solutions, Inc.
      1751 Pinnacle Dr., Suite 425
      McLean, VA 22102
      Office: 703-270-0614
      Cell: 757-729-4352
    • Create and submit Purchase Order (PO):
      • Create PO in ADPICS and follow all ADPICS procedures
      • Submit PO via e-mail to
    • Day1 Order Confirmation:
      • Day1 confirms order, matching agency PO to EA.
      • Day1 works with Requesting Agency POC for technical direction.
    • Day1 Processing/Invoicing:
      • Day1 processes the order: Processed means that the order has been completed, products/services have been accepted by Requesting Agency, and Day1 has initiated AWS as requested.
      • Day1 sends invoice to Requesting Agency.
      • Requesting Agency verifies invoice and processes payment.

Contract Pricing

Please see Day1's WSCA Cost Schedule for a description of available products and services and associated costs.