CATS+ Change Order Preparation and Approval Process

This page outlines the process for preparing Change Orders (CO) to Task Orders (TO) for the Consulting and Technical Services+ (CATS+) Master Contract. Any questions about this process should be directed to the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) IT Procurement Office

  1. Change Order Origination

    1. The Task Order (TO) Requesting Agency (Agency) will develop a CO. A CO criteria form is available to assist with preparing the required documentation.
    2. The Agency will prepare a CO to the purchase order release for the TO via the ADPICS purchase order CO process to obtain a CO number.
    3. The Agency Assistant Attorney General will approve the CO (optional).
    4. The Agency will submit the CO along with the justification, scope of work and cost breakdown for the CO to the DoIT IT Procurement Office via email at
  2. CO Review and Approval

    1. The DoIT IT Procurement Office and the DoIT Project Management Office will review the CO and the required documentation listed above in item A4 and provide feedback to the TO Procurement Officer. The Agency will revise the CO or provide additional information, as necessary, and return it to the DoIT IT Procurement Office.
    2. After the DoIT IT Procurement Office authorizes the Agency to proceed with the CO, the TO Procurement Officer will have the CO executed by the TO Master Contractor and the Agency.
    3. The Agency posts the CO in ADPICS for submission to the DoIT IT Procurement Office for approval.
    4. Once the DoIT IT Procurement Office approves the CO in ADPICS, the TO Procurement Officer will send the following documents to the TO Master Contractor, with a copy to the DoIT IT Procurement Office:
      1. Revised Signed purchase order;
      2. Fully executed CO Agreement; and
      3. Notice to Proceed with the CO requirements.