CATS+ Request For Resume (RFR) Process

The purpose of an RFR is for the procurement of short term IT resources through the CATS+ Master Contract. An agency may procure up to 5 IT resources for up to a 6 month term for any labor category listed in the CATS+ Master Contract. There is one exception; a project manager supporting a Major IT Development Project (MITDP) may be procured for up to a five term.

Step One: Complete the RFR using the CATS+ RFR template and instructions provided below.  Complete the RFR as instructed.

Step Two:   Complete the MBE and VSBE goal paperwork following your agency’s policy.

Step Three:  Submit the RFR and signed MBE justification paperwork to DoIT ( for approval prior to release.

Step Four: Upon written DoIT approval, release to all Master Contractors in the single approved functional area.

Step Five: Evaluate in accordance with prescribed, established and best practice guidelines.

Step Six: Submit award recommendation to DoIT (

Step Seven: Proceed with the award as directed by DoIT.