CATS+ TORFP Review Policy

Review Requirements

  1. Every CATS+ TORFP must be reviewed and approved by ITPO prior to release.
  2. A draft TORFP submitted for initial ITPO review must use the latest TORFP template (version 4.01).

The latest TORFP template includes the latest language, terms, and conditions required by statute or by State policy. It also standardizes the TORFP format to facilitate solicitation review.

Review Timeline

  • With latest TORFP template: ​14-18 calendar days
  • ​Without latest TORFP template: After September 28, 2017 may be returned without review

ITPO solicitation reviews typically take between 14-18 calendar days. ITPO may, depending on its solicitation review backlog, return a draft TORFP to the Agency without review for the Agency to place the TORFP requirements into the latest template. Agencies have until September 28 to begin using the latest CATS+ TORFP template (version 4.01).  

Tips for shortening the ITPO solicitation review timeline: use the latest TORFP template and review the materials on Guidance for Writing a TORFP, including using the TORFP checklist and samples. Address all ITPO comments, and carefully review suggested changes for additional adjustments needed for your TORFP. Review each proposed change prior to accepting it. If your Agency splits TORFP authoring among multiple authors, make sure all individual TORFP authors see the summary feedback.

Upon return of a draft TORFP ITPO after Agency edits, ITPO may complete a review on a shorter timeline. However, a shorter timeline depends on factors such as: the extent of revisions required in the draft TORFP, the extent to which the Agency adopted ITPO recommendations, and ITPO’s solicitation review backlog.

Solicitation Review Feedback

  1. ITPO will summarize findings, suggestions, and next steps at the end of the draft TORFP. When reading ITPO feedback, always start with the summary page.
  2. Policy Change: Whenever possible, ITPO will now make small adjustments to improve readability, formatting, and correct language (such as changing “Contractor” to “TO Contractor”). These changes may be made with change tracking off.
  3. ITPO will often provide sample language in addition to its suggestions to help guide the Agency for required or recommended content.  It is the Agency’s responsibility to review the sample language and adjust as appropriate for the draft TORFP.

ITPO is available to answer questions about its comments, guidance, and likely timeline.

Number of Review Cycles

The number of solicitation review cycles required for a draft TORFP depends on a number of factors, including: whether the latest draft TORFP template is used, and the extent of revisions required in the draft TORFP. ITPO can often indicate whether it anticipates one final review or multiple additional reviews.

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