How to Use the Master Services Contract

Master Services Contract: Work Order Process​


The Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) work order process is intended to describe the process by which DoIT will utilize the IV&V Master Services Contract to enable and administer IV&V.  As noted below, this process will be carried out by the DoIT (including support from the IV&V Project Manager, Procurement and Legal Advisors, and the Acting Director/Assistant Director for the Enterprise Program Management Office).  The process will also rely on the support from the Agency which is to be subject of the IV&V.  

If this is your first time using this contract, or a master contract of this type, feel free to email:​ and request assistance from the Contract Manager, who will be happy to call you and help you work through these steps.

Step #
Responsibi​le Party​
​Requirements documentation is completed via the Master IV&V Services Contract Template which serves as the justification for the IV&V need.​
​Contract Manager with Support from the Agency As Needed
​The determination of need is reviewed and accepted and an intake request is created.
​Contract Manager with Support from the Agency As Needed
​Resource requirements determination.​​

​Contract Manager with Support from the Agency As Needed
​Prepare and submit draft of Work Order (WO) (with requirements) to DoIT EPMO IV&V.
​Contract Manager in tandem with DoIT Procurement
​DoIT EPMO IV&V finalizes WO and DoIT Procurement issues to master contractors.
​DoIT Procurement
​Submission of proposal/resumes/pricing (package) in response to WO to DoIT Procurement Officer.
​TO Master Contractors
​Administrative review of packages and uploads into Google folder.
​DoIT Procurement
​Technical review of proposal/resumes.
​Contract Manager and any identified selection committee
​Pricing is considered for those submissions found technically qualified.
​Contract Manager and any identified selection committee
​MOU and/or SOW is developed and executed.
​Contract Manager with signature from the Agency
​TO Contractor(s) are notified of selection confirmation
​DoIT Procurement
​WO documentation is drafted and sent to TO Contractor for signature:
  • Issued Work Order Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (must be signed by TO Contractor and resource(s))
  • Computer Use Agreement (if agency specific equipment is required)
  • Criminal Background Check Affidavit
​DoIT Procurement
​TO Contractor returns documentation to Procurement Officer who confirms signatures
​DoIT Procurement Officer
​Submission of Work Order Agreement and NDA to WO Manager for signature.
​DoIT Procurement Officer
​Execution of documents with submission back to Procurement Officer.
​Contract Manager
​Provision of Work Order documentation to Finance for creation of FMIS BPO.
​DoIT Procurement Officer
​Executed documents sent to TO Contractor with notice to proceed.
​DoIT Procurement Officer
​TO contractor reports to respective Agency Point of Contact (POC) as of NTP start date.
​Contract Manager
​Work Orders are issued to document the need, period of performance, staffing and deliverables.
​Contract Manager with Support from the Agency As Needed
​TO contractor submits deliverables in support of IV&V for review and acceptance.
​Contract Manager with Support from the Agency As Needed
​TO contractor submits invoices for review and acceptance to DoIT Finance for Work Order Manager approval.
​Work Order Manager
​DoIT Finance invoices respective agency for payment of services on the agreed upon terms of the MOU or SOW.
​DoIT Finance, Agency Support, IV&V PM

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