DPMO (Delivery Program Management Office)

The Delivery Program Management Office (DPMO) provides direction and support related to IT Project and Program Management to successfully initiate, plan, execute, monitor/control and close Information Technology projects that support Maryland’s goal for efficient, effective and innovative services.

  • The DPMO is the organizational entity assigned the responsibilities for
    • Direct Management and Support IT Projects and Programs
    • Provide Project Management Resources (Program Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Technical Writers)
    • Promoting Agency Cross-Collaboration
    • Training and Support on Project Management Services

  • DPMO’s goal is to
    • Establish repeatable project management processes
    • Provide project management guidance and training
    • Provide tools, templates and information for project success

  • DPMO works with stakeholders to improve project success rates through
    • Adhering to the processes
    • Alignment of business requests to IT Projects and programs
    • Services in support of a State-Wide Program Management Portfolio (Projects, Programs and Portfolio)

  • The State’s approach to project management is based on the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)​, which provides project managers with a repeatable process to guide them through the various phases of project management for successful execution of the IT Projects. SDLC should be used by all project managers to promote the development of safe, secure and reliable systems. The benefits of good project management and following the SDLC are the improved ability to deliver projects on time, in scope and within budget, as well as satisfy the stakeholder’s (Agency) business needs.

  • Over all focus is People, Process and Tools
    • People: Provide Project Management Resources
    • Process: Establish repeatable project management processes
    • Tools: Provide templates, job aid and tools like ServiceNow, Microsoft Project etc.​